Bulk Carbon Compensation

High quality carbon compensation

Complete traceability from offsetting projects

Offsetting carbon emissions is a matter of trust

Carbon offsetting is an important tool in any effort to adapt human activities to climate challenges.

Still, given the multiplicity of actors, methods, offers and associated costs, a wrong choice of carbon offsetting can become a risk for your corporate image.

Evergreen has developed a reliable and transparent carbon offsetting service to guarantee the effective compensation of your environmental impact and ensure the necessary traceability required for your operations.

Evergreen, a trusted intermediary

With its batch carbon offsetting offer, Evergreen positions itself as a trusted intermediate between you and the entities that implement the carbon offsetting you have requested.

Evergreen selects and certifies the actors we entrust the carbon offsetting proposed through our offers. We verify that the quantities requested are actually compensated and that the sustainability standards of every project are met.

If required, Evergreen commissions audits from recognised actors in the areas of the world they operate in, to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the carbon offsetting offered to you.

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  • Actual compensation
  • Long-lasting carbon compensation
  • Compliance with high ecological standards
  • Complete traceability
  • Geographical distribution of carbon sinks
  • Protection against planting projects failures

Certified for your customers

Want to offer carbon-free services or products ? With Bulk Carbon Compensation, you can generate secure certificates for your customers. Split the bulk positive emission you bought into multiple redistributable certificates according to your needs.

An effective carbon neutrality within 10 years

Evergreen offers a 10-years carbon offsetting program through plantation projects in different regions of the world which create natural carbon sinks.

Unlike many companies that use agricultural or forestry offsets, our plantation projects focus on creating perennial woodlands with no commercial purpose, to guarantee that the carbon compensation provided is sustained over time.

The absorption capacity of the biomass we plant is calculated on a 5-year basis, which increases the amount of carbon fixed by the vegetation over its entire life cycle and takes into account its progressive renewal over time.

No forestry

The plantation projects we are funding are designed for biodiversity conservation, not for industrial purposes. We are supporting long-term projects with a high environmental impact.

No farming funding

There is no point in consuming the sink we just built – absorbed carbon would be released again. Thus, we are not funding bio-ethanol farming projects nor similar offsetting methods.


kg of carbon costs ÔéČ4 to compensate over ten years.

Evergreen offers one of the most attractive carbon offseting price on the market. Reduce your products ecological footprint, as well as your costs.

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We are campaigning for a renewable world

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