Carbon offsetting of manufactured products


Eco-labels to compensate the climatic impact of the products they are attached to.


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EthicTag® is our brand of eco-label tags to offset the carbon emission of an existing product at the time of the sale. Products bearing this label guarantee your customers that their carbon impact has been fully offset through natural and sustainable carbon sinks, without impacting your usual supply chain.

With the signature “Tree and Earth” logo, your product is immediately recognisable as carbon neutral and climate friendly.

EthicTag® in brief


Tree and Earth” logo

Makes your products stand out

Your product is more climate friendly than your competitors’, let everyone know! helps your customers to immediately identify the ecological qualities of your product, and fits perfectly with your brand image.

Made of natural materials

EthicTag® are made by Evergreen from natural and recyclable materials such as untreated paper and cotton. The inks used are eco-friendly, while the quality of our manufacturing process enhances the appeal of your products.

Secured against counterfeiting

Offsetting the climate impact of your product comes with a cost; EthicTag® labels incorporate 10 unique security points to protect your investment. The information on the label and the traceability it provides helps to build trust within your customers.

Easy to set up

Using Evergreen‘s carbon offsetting, each EthicTag┬« includes a positive carbon absorption budget comprised into its purchase price. No additional costs, no activation or registration process to set up: from the date of purchase of an EthicTag┬« batch, the attached carbon compensation starts. All you have to do is attach the EthicTag┬« to your products according to your needs.

Every EthicTag® batch is marked with the carbon offset certificate attached to it. Your customers can thus trace, via a simple website, the sustainable reforestation projects through which the carbon sinks have been implemented. This is a guarantee of quality that certifies the reality of the low ecological impact that your product offers.

Different formats to suit your needs

EthicTag® is available in several formats, suited to the characteristics of your products and activities.

Self-adhesive strip

Perfectly suited to textile products, flexible or without a flat surface, the EthicTag® strip is perfect to highlight the environmental qualities of a product while enhancing its quality and feel.

Evergreen produces its own substrates to produce these labels, which are ecologically friendly, plastic and fossil-free, biodegradable, and do not deteriorate the underlying surface.

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Find the right EthicTag® to suit your business

EthicTag® are edited by product category, and includes a carbon offset budget matching this category. Order EthicTag® packs according to your activity in a format of your choice, and benefit from a turnkey solution to guarantee the carbon neutrality of your products towards your customers.

Reduce your climatic footprint now with Evergreen.

You don’t find the EthicTag┬« adapted to your product ? Just contact us! We will produce the right label for your business at no extra cost.

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