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Meet your Custormers’ Ecological Expectations

Improve the environmental impact from your activities easily, and adopt a positive communication using Evergreen products

Our solutions

Fighting global warming is a societal aspiration

Global warming and the impact of economic activities on climate and biodiversity, are major societal concerns today. Improved consumptions habits with a better sustainability are emerging as part of a fundamental movement to transform economic activities.

Adapt your business to environmental considerations now and respond to your customers’ desire for more sustainable products.

Canopy, the new generation carbon offsetting system

Discover Evergreen Canopy, our intelligent system that guarantees reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable carbon offsetting on a global scale. Experience a system of secure, distributable carbon credits that fits your needs.

Improve your environmental footprint with one of the most competitive and efficient carbon offsetting offerings on the market. Issue offsetting certificates to your end-customers, based on the quantities of GHG emissions of your choice.

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Our approach

Promoting biodiversity

Evergreen works with identifiable and reliable reforestation and conservation projects in multiple regions of the world. Our ecological offsetting is focused on creating carbon sinks and biodiversity “hotspots” sustainables over time.

Certify and secure

The secure and innovative solutions developed by Evergreen guarantee the actual sequestration of atmospheric carbon. Our compensation certificates are traceable, verifiable, and resistant to fraud.

Ready to use

Make your products climate positive starting now without reorganising your production line using ready-to-use products proposed by Evergreen. Our offerings accommodate your production and supply constraints without sacrificing their eco-friendly qualities.

<EthicTag®, the climate-positive label for your existing products

Make your existing manufactured products climate positive without reorganising your production processes with EthicTag┬«. Display your brand’s environmental commitment, attract attention to your products, and adopt a sincere approach towards your customers.

EthicTag® are high quality secure labels which can be applied to different classes of products. They incorporate a carbon offset budget covering the emissions of the manufactured product, contributing to the global reduction of atmospheric carbon.

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Discover our replanting projects

Evergreen works with dozens of reforestation projects around the world. We target regions with the greatest ecological impact from reforestation, considering the different species, the range of natural environments, and the type of actors involved in the field.

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Explore the science behind our actions

Planting trees to absorb carbon from atmosphere is not enough. Learn about the scientific approach behind our work, and understand the impact of ecological offsetting on ecosystems and on the planet.

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About Evergreen

Evergreen Climate Solutions (ECS) is a newly founded company specialising in environmentally friendly products for businesses. Our ambition is to provide innovative green solutions to reduce the impact of industry on the environment and the climate worldwide.

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