Making your activities climate-friendly, the easy way

Evergreen is a supplier of ecological solutions and products to help your company reach carbon neutrality, while keeping your business running.

Carbon footprint

Offsetting your CO2 footprint trough natural carbon sinks restore the ecological balance of your activities in the short term.

Meeting your needs

Evergreen‘s environmental solutions can be easily integrated into your business, just like your regular suppliers does.


100% by 2050

Renewable Energy

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United Nations

Paris Agreement

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Lungs of the Planet

Forest Conservation

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Taxing Polluters

Price on Carbon

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Solutions for retail vendors

Stand out from your competitors with carbon-neutral products

Discover EthicTag®

Facing an ever-expanding choice of products, consumers are increasingly basing their purchasing decisions on ecological and environmental sustainability criteria. Meet your customers’ expectations by attaching your product to a high-quality, turnkey carbon offset solution and offer products with a neutral impact on the climate.

Using EthicTag®, easily neutralize the climate impact of your products and communicate clearly to the consumer the environmental quality of your product. Available in four different formats for dozens of different product categories, EthicTag® relies on Evergreen carbon offsetting to offer you a carbon package adapted to the product you sell. No complex estimates to make, no additional steps in your supply and distribution chain: EthicTag® are proposed in batches that include carbon offsetting in their purchase price. Attach them to your products, and let Evergreen take care of the rest!